Lio Chi Heng

Lio is a writer and the film adaptation of her novel Diago was one of the competitors in the Official Selection Competition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2010.


Give room for Macao movies to grow

In my three previous articles on “Films and the development of cultural and creative industries in Macao”, I have talked about situations of Macao movies, and there is no real linkage to “culture and creativity”.

10 2015 | Issue 10 Lio Chi Heng

Creating movies based on literature

A good screenwriter excels at creating stories through words; a good director excels at telling stories through lens.

09 2015 | Issue 9 Lio Chi Heng

Telling a good story about Macao

In recent years, more and more filmmakers have come to Macao for location shooting, hoping to capture its dazzling Cotai Strip and unique urbanscape on film.

08 2015 | Issue 8 Lio Chi Heng

An endless flow of film ideas

It is not surprising if someone talks about Macao films these days. It was astonishing how things have changed over last few years.

07 2015 | Issue 7 Lio Chi Heng