Alvis Sio

Alvis Sio was born in Macao in the 1990s. She is a media worker in Hong Kong, and the author of The Good Old days of Colonial Hong Kong and Macao.


Books and creativity—On writing for a literary magazine (3)

After talking about myself and the readers, it’s time to zoom out to talk about literary magazines’ relationship with a city, and in particular, its relationship with the culture and creativity.

12 2015 | Issue 12 Alvis Sio

When being free is no longer the solution—On writing for a literary magazine (2)

Last time I mentioned that the mentality between literary magazine editors and book lovers isn’t purely “addition”—it involves many rational analysing and calculation.

11 2015 | Issue 11 Alvis Sio

Between calm and passion—On writing for a literary magazine (1)

“Wow, you work at a literary magazine? You must love reading.”  That’s what people always say to me when I introduce myself. It makes me feel somewhat embarrassed.

10 2015 | Issue 10 Alvis Sio