Lo Che Ying

Lo is an experienced anime producer and began independent anime creation in 1977. His works won the first prize at the Hong Kong Independent Short Film Festival for four consecutive times and he was promoted as panel member. In the next year, he joined the Radio Television Hong Kong to work as cartoon producer until 1993. Over recent years, he spent efforts on promotion of the anime industry in Hong Kong and planning of anime exhibitions. Recently, he worked as the curator of the 50 Years of Hong Kong and Taiwanese Animation. He currently worked as Secretary General of the Hong Kong Animation and Culture Association.


The animation industry in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been spreading across the world since January this year. Hong Kong is no exception from the outbreak.

06 2020 | issue39 Lo Che Ying

DigiCon6 Asia: boosting digital content creativity

Starting from 20th February, two new short animation films were available for watching online. Even though each short film only lasts for less than one minute, their art design and animation show great quality.

04 2020 | Issue 38 Lo Che Ying

Taiwan International Student Design Competition

I have been travelling to Taiwan quite a lot recently. Besides flying to Taiwan for the Golden Horse Awards and the Taichung International Animation Festival for panelling, I also attended a rather big competition as a panel...

02 2020 | Issue 37 Lo Che Ying

The Animation Festival in Taichung

I have introduced the biennial “Hiroshima International Animation Festival” before, which is the most historic Asian animation activity. 

12 2019 | Issue 36 Lo Che Ying

The stories behind The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes: The Greatest Jail-Breaker

The highly-anticipated made-in-HK animated feature film The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes: The Greatest Jail-Breaker has already hit the silver screens for some time.

10 2019 | Issue35 Lo Che Ying

The animation film festivals close at hand

What would you do if you like animations? Will you squeeze time to watch animations that you like? Or will you buy fan merchandises such as related books and magazines? 

08 2019 | Issue 34 Lo Che Ying