Un Sio San

Un obtained the dual Bachelor degrees in Chinese Language and Art (film and television production) of Peking University and dual Master degrees in East Asia Studies and Asia Pacific Studies of University of Toronto with the research field in literature and movies. She won the Henry Luce Foundation Chinese Poetry & Translation Fellowships and had been the village residing poet in the Vermont Creative Studio. She was invited to attend many international poem festivals such as the one held in Portugal and worked as the lyricist of Macao’s first original indoor opera A Fragrant Dream. She published some collections of poems in Cross-Strait regions, and has been engaged in academy and publication for long time and writes columns for media organisations in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.


Rose of the North: an aggregation of independent bookstores and creativity in Thailand

I used to have very little expectation for Chiang Mai, the so-called Rose of the North in Thailand. But it turned out to be a place full of amazement.

06 2020 | issue39 Un Sio San

Welcome to the era of audiobooks

Due to the increasing severity of the novel coronavirus outbreak, both libraries and brick-and-mortar bookstores have suspended operation.

04 2020 | Issue 38 Un Sio San

How did Ibsen become famous?

When talking about Norway, Murakami Haruki’s novel Norwegian Wood would come to most people’s mind.

02 2020 | Issue 37 Un Sio San

Why I went to the Arctic to write—Some thoughts on the Arctic Circle Residency Programme

I was privileged to get selected for this year’s The Arctic Circle Residency Programme, where I got the opportunity to engage in art production with 28 artists coming from all around the world on a two-week cruise on the Arctic ocean ...

12 2019 | Issue 36 Un Sio San

Mook, the new reading fashion

I always have a thing for lifestyle and culture magazines. I would usually read &Premium, Shopping Design, UNITAS, Monocle, Wallpaper*, City Magazine, etc.

10 2019 | Issue35 Un Sio San

Art is life: what living in Melbourne has taught me

“You would love Melbourne,” many friends told me. And it was true. I went there and I fell in love with the city. 

08 2019 | Issue 34 Un Sio San