Ashley Chong

An accountant by profession, Ashley is member of several anime and comics associations in Macao. She started writing fiction, illustrated and drew the comic strip of Macao Daily in the early 1990s. Later on she took the role of comics writer, and she is now the managing editor of MIND², a comics magazine published by Comic’s Kingdom. Ashley also participates in organising the Macao Animation, Comic and Toy Expo, an event run by Macao Animation & Comic Alliance.


Thirty years of Macao comics

Macao’s economy was growing fast in the 1980s and it was during this period of time Hong Kong and Japanese comics had quite an impact on Macao. Some comic fans started to form groups to write...

12 2016 | Issue 18 Ashley Chong

Digital comics vs paper

A bank in Macao once used a fairly well-known character from a Taiwanese comic book to promote its credit cards. Thanks to certain social media, this character...

10 2016 | Issue 17 Ashley Chong

On Policy of the Comic and Anime Industries

It is a well-known fact that out of various reasons, the government’s subsidy policy for civil organisations and convention and exhibition projects was slightly tightened and adjusted over the past two years.

08 2016 | Issue 16 Ashley Chong

Macao’s manga: style and inspiration

When interviewed, a manga artist will always confess that his or her profession is derived from a love for manga at an early age.

06 2016 | Issue 15 Ashley Chong

What’s next for the anime and comics industry in Macao?

About three or four decades ago, parents and teachers believed that comic books and cartoons were bad for kids. It is until several years ago that people started having a different perspective on anime and comics...

04 2016 | Issue 14 Ashley Chong

On yonkoma manga

In recent years, we have seen some nontraditional yonkoma manga (literally four-cell manga, yonkoma manga is a comic-strip format that consists of gag comic strips within four panels of equal size)...

02 2016 | Issue 13 Ashley Chong