Joe Tang

Recipient of Macao Literary Prize and Macao Novel Prize, Joe Tang is a writer and cultural commentator, and has published novels, including The Floating City, Assassin, and The Lost Spirit. The latter two titles were translated into English and Portuguese. Joe’s portfolio also includes commentaries on art and plays. They include Words from Thoughts, Philosopher’s Stone, Journey to the West, Rock Lion, Magical Monkey and The Empress and the Legendary Heroes.


Creativity and politics

Macao is going to have an election this year. The legislative assembly election takes place once every four years and it’s time that different political groups will use all means to garner votes.

08 2017 | Issue 22 Joe Tang

Forward-looking cinema

Recently, a major event made headline news in Macao’s arts scene: after a few years of preparation and piloting, Cinematheque‧Passion has finally launched. This governmental initiative...

06 2017 | Issue 21 Joe Tang

The Presidents’ reading lists

Barack Obama, former President of the United States, was interviewed by The New York Times right before he was out of office. He mentioned that during his eight years in the White House...

04 2017 | Issue 20 Joe Tang

From the film festival to the fringe festival

At the time of writing, the inaugural International Film Festival & Awards‧Macao was just closed. Its news and discussions, usually with texts and pictures, have gone viral on social media.

02 2017 | Issue 19 Joe Tang

A city that doesn’t allow bookshops to survive

Book lovers in Macao had already anticipated that independent bookshop Pinto-livros eventually had to move out of bustling old town. But still, it’s sad news.

12 2016 | Issue 18 Joe Tang

The magic of Hobbiton

My family and I went to New Zealand to visit our relatives there during our summer hoilidays, and we also took this opportunity to travel around the country. I am sort of a fan of The Lord of the Rings...

10 2016 | Issue 17 Joe Tang