Wong Cheng Pou

An experienced arts educator and columnist who lived in Tokyo and London from 1980 to the 90s. Especially interested in creative industries.


Risk-taking and opportunity

There is a saying that opportunities are only for those who are ready for them. You may not know where this saying comes from, but the gist of it is hardly disputed.

12 2015 | Issue 12 Wong Cheng Pou

A bigger world

The sun will never shine on the same spot twice.

03 2015 | Issue 3 Wong Cheng Pou

That book I won’t read again

After teaching fine art courses for over 20 years, I have emphatically answered endless questions about the value of art.

02 2015 | Issue 2 Wong Cheng Pou

Getting started

Let’s be honest, if you ask me what the most profitable business in the world is, I would have to say it’s the gambling industry.

01 2015 | Issue 1 Wong Cheng Pou