Rai Mutsu

Macao poet, novelist and columnist; winner of Macao Literary Awards (Fiction Category), and has won in other categories including Poetry and Prose. Published works include The Largo do São Domingos Countdown, a collection of his short stories; Ferris Wheel and A Fictional World, a collection of poetry and prose; and a series of promotional videos about Macao’s literature, co-published with other poets.


Movies’ promotional values and historical records

In the era of social media, microfilms or teasers are extremely important for the promotion of any products. For many publishers, videos have become an important means of publishing marketing. 

12 2015 | Issue 12 Rai Mutsu

How reputable individuals benefit from each other

If the cinema is showing a Spanish film made by the artistically and commercially succeeded Pedro Almodvar, I am certain it would attract the young enthusiasts. I would not have watched...

11 2015 | Issue 11 Rai Mutsu

The significance of commercial movies

In the movie El Espinazo del Diablo (2001) by famous director Guillermo del Toro, there was a scene in which the male lead Carlos saw a little boy drawing and said to him...

10 2015 | Issue 10 Rai Mutsu

Let artists concentrate on writing

People know me through my writings. But if I rely on writing to make a living, I would have to “sell” my works to “clients” with an absolute price.

03 2015 | Issue 3 Rai Mutsu