SiSi Chang

Freelance writer. Masters of Arts from Taipei National University of Graduate Institute of Theatre Performance and Playwriting and Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage. Chang sees travel as a discipline and learns to look at things from a different angle each time when she is in a strange place. Published works include Amazing Australia, An In-Depth Guide to Angkor and Lonely Planet IN Series: Taiwan.


Foshan papercuts: how folk arts stay alive

Foshan people are proud of their folk arts, and in the hometown of Wong Fei Hung, they are on display everywhere: Shiwan ceramics, embroidery, bamboo crafting and silk.

12 2015 | Issue 12 SiSi Chang

From derelict buildings to a modern cultural district: the question of Dongguan’s revival

From a certain perspective, the idea of a cultural arts district seems a perfect solution to revive an old-fashioned city, Dongguan, in Guangdong province. A city steeped in history, it suffers from its own setbacks.

11 2015 | Issue 11 SiSi Chang

Is creativity now just sales and marketing?

Once upon a time in Taiwan, anything that was related to cultural education always ended up being some kind of “activity”.

08 2015 | Issue 8 SiSi Chang

From coal fields to green fields: the transformation of Germany’s Ruhr Region

The Ruhr Metropolitan Region (Metropolregion Ruhr) is situated in the northwest part of Germany.

07 2015 | Issue 7 SiSi Chang

Is there anything beyond shopping malls for Taiwan’s heritage?

The Huashan 1914 Creative Park and Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei are two successful examples of rejuvenation by Taiwan’s cultural and creative industries.

06 2015 | Issue 6 SiSi Chang