Eugenia Lo

Eugenia Lo is an independent journalist and editor. She is a Master of Criminology researching the public security system in Mainland China. With a strong family ties in Macao, Lo is a constant researcher of the city’s cultural and social development. Over the years, Lo works with many international corporations and institutes including the University of Hong Kong, British Council, Commercial Press (H.K.), Joint Publishing (H.K.), etc. for various editing, PR and translation projects.


Revival of markets

Visiting local markets is always on my “to-do” list whenever I visit New York City, London or other major European cities, hoping to find some nice little decoration items, artworks...

09 2015 | Issue 9 Eugenia Lo

Scenery in the historical building

Recently, I travelled to Taipei with a friend, who is a Christian History researcher. Hence some of the Christianity related historical spots were included in our itinerary...

08 2015 | Issue 8 Eugenia Lo

Tell your own tale of the city

I met Auur a year ago in Iceland. It was my first day in the country, roughly four hours after I hopped off the plane.

07 2015 | Issue 7 Eugenia Lo

Searching for Macao publications

During our coffee break one afternoon, my aunt was pleased to tell me her dear friend Ms Ling Leng, a well-known columnist, just published a new edition of her book...

06 2015 | Issue 6 Eugenia Lo