Rachel Mok

A local Hong Konger, Rachel fell in love with Tat Ming Pair and Britpop in secondary school and since then developed a deep interest in pop culture. After graduating from Baptist University’s school of journalism, she started writing for various English and Chinese publications in Hong Kong. Rachel is now working as managing editor of online music platform Bitetone and events director of Cuetone. She loves travel, spicy chips and orange colour; and she hates waiting for the bus.


Hits & Misses 2015

In a blink of an eye, December is almost here. This year seems to have gone by particularly quickly. And Hong Kong’s live scene has enjoyed an incredible year, with many famous artists both new...

12 2015 | Issue 12 Rachel Mok

Music mix & match

Having run Bitetone for a few years, I have befriended many musicians and got to know many people working in the music industry. With Bitetone’s gradually growing popularity, occasionally we are...

11 2015 | Issue 11 Rachel Mok

Music festivals: more than just music

A few years ago I lived in Beijing for a period of time and attended the Strawberry Music Festival. I was lying on a hillside overlooking the stage with my friend...

10 2015 | Issue 10 Rachel Mok

Why should we listen to Hong Kong indie music?

Why should people listen to indie music from Hong Kong? This is something I and my Bitetone partner Edwin Lo have been thinking about a lot recently.

09 2015 | Issue 9 Rachel Mok