Lawrence Lei

Lei is the columnist of Macau Daily and had published novels such as Eye of God, Embarrassing Action, etc. He won Macau Literary Award for three times, Macao Literary Festival Short Story Award for two times, Macao Novellas Award and Mini Novel Competition Prize. In 2001, he was invited by International Association of Art Critics under UNESCO as an art critic in Hong Kong.


The enlightenment from Cuba

In a society with extreme disparity between the rich and the poor, the poor are usually unhappy. But in a country where everybody is so poor that they only have music, singing, dancing, and simple culture...

12 2017 | Issue 24 Lawrence Lei

Potential human resource for development of cultural and creative industry in Macao

Some scholars have written a few articles about what advantages Macao has in development of local cultural and creative industry. As I am acquainted with the actual operations of performance art...

10 2017 | Issue 23 Lawrence Lei