Sio Ng

Being a tourism writer famous in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, creator in multiple fields and practitioner specialised in film, literature work and event planning, Ng have travelled a distance of half of the circumference of the Earth and around six continents and forty countries herself. She published The Heart’s Freedom Lies in the Sky in 2017 which was issued in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Market means contradiction and choice

10 2017 | Issue 23

In an era of globalisation and Internet, cultural and creative industries will no longer be confined in a local area. Even someone is living at an extremely small and remote place, he or she can have a channel to reach the world if he or she has an access to the Internet. Every one shall not have a justified excuse for his or her own, because the online world of three billion users is a market where each can realise his or her dream.

Today, various big social networking platforms have become the preferred windows to show art works, promote brands and sell products. The movies can be uploaded to YouTube, and the owners can earn advertisement bonuses based on high click-through rate. Music album can be put on the shelves of iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Handcrafts can be sold on Etsy. Once being recommended by Behance on its main page, any artwork of whatever field may be seen as winning an international award. As long as a high quality work is seen by mass audience, the opportunities for cooperation from worldwide will come to you automatically. 

Though the door to the big World is open all the time, besides strong competitiveness, the creator must be persistent, patient and hard-working, because if he or she wants the works to be seen by the market of three billion users, it is not enough to simply rely on its contents. 

To some extent it is still true to say that “content is the king”. However, every post can only have ten seconds to attract the audience’s attention, and the hot topic will go down to the bottom within one day, except for that of the real kings. All average ones will be relentlessly overwhelmed by the massive flooding information. At the online market, there is vast information the audience can receive, and they cannot go through every detail. You can see the flaunting or saccharine titles everywhere, such as Ten must-go places in your life, Five sorts of men a woman is hard to resist and so on, just to catch your eyeballs in an instant, and it seems that the netizens are too tired to use their brains. 

With Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or whatever platform, the game rule for the creator of contents is to constantly update the contents, otherwise the dissemination rate will be lower and lower, or you must pay for advertisement to make your contents to be seen. Such rule, whether fair or not, will not be bypassed. 

Nowadays, you must rely on powerful social platforms, whether you do creative work or not, or for whatever you do. If you are only an individual, it is difficult to make a good balance, as creation needs time, and you will find that you cannot have enough time to manage a good online account. It is not a problem that only we confront, but a puzzle of deteriorated cycle of online market for the whole world. However, many of us choose to wait for the right opportunities by enduring the contradiction. 

I admire one Fan Page host very much. Before he started, he made a commitment to himself that he shall unconditionally make a post at 6pm every day. Now two or three years passed, he continues doing so. His persistence leads to the opportunity to publish his three books and 70,000 fans around him. In order to present a new movie every day, one popular YouTuber may be editing his movie with a laptop, even when having his meal or being on a bus or a train. 

On the various social platforms, there are many ones like the two I have mentioned, or more hard-working. This may be an obvious formulation for success. Though these dream-chasing stories are inspirational, they may also be embarrassed. Even I believe that they are enthusiastic about their creative work, do they really have so many inspiring ideas to support the gold sayings about love that make the massive audience resonate each day of a year? Despite living in contradiction, many of them are striving consistently, because they think that the contradiction encompasses infinite hopes. 

The whole market is a pyramid. At the bottom are the contents loved by the mass, namely the massive flooding contents, which are most widely recognised. While at the creative market, on the top stand the pure artists who only produce the contents that please themselves, thus winning the least audience. The market means contradiction and choice, but at least we all have a right to make a choice, either to create own contents according to our preferred results, or to quit such a contradiction in our life which we do not enjoy.