Johnny Tam

Theatre director, art director of the Macao Experimental Theatre, has been living and working in Shanghai and Berlin. Representative works from these years are Mr. Shi and His Lover and Lungs.


Filming theatre plays in a streaming era

This spring, we have all isolated ourselves from the rest of the world. But the “stay home” campaign has also provided us with the opportunities to enjoy lots of art exhibitions and performances online.

06 2020 | issue39 Johnny Tam

BOK at Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama

Every year, TPAM (Tokyo Performing Arts Meeting) held in February in Yokohama will attract artists, theatre companies and investors from different parts of Asia.

04 2020 | Issue 38 Johnny Tam

Memorandum of going into society by a theatre worker (Part II)

The commercial world was an entry point for me to enter the theatre industry instead of the finish line. 

02 2020 | Issue 37 Johnny Tam

Memorandum of going into society by a theatre worker (Part I)

As one of the theatre workers in Macao, I’ve been sharing with our readers in this column how to make a tentative exploration of the industrialisation of dramas in practice. 

12 2019 | Issue 36 Johnny Tam

Supporting policies urgently needed for helping professional art performance teams

After long anticipation, the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC, from the Portuguese acronym) has finally optimised the 2020 Subsidy Scheme for Cultural Activities and Projects.

10 2019 | Issue 35 Johnny Tam

BOK: more than just an incubator

After I was given the task to plan the BOK Festival, an event dedicated to performing arts that will take place this August and September, I invited two artists from Shanghai in late May...

08 2019 | Issue 34 Johnny Tam