Yi-Hsin Lin

Yi-Hsin Lin graduated from SOAS; now living in England as a writer. Lin has participated in the curation of Chinese painting in Victoria and Albert Museum and British Museum. He is also a lecturer in Chinese art at Christie’s Education and contributes to several Chinese-language art magazines.


Fashion, art and exhibition: Paul Smith’s touring exhibition

Organised by The Design Museum in London, “Hello, My Name is Paul Smith: Touring Exhibition” is now showing in the Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei until 3 September.

08 2017 | Issue 22 Yi-Hsin Lin

A collaboration between Shekou in Shenzhen and the V&A Museum

It seems that the art scene in the Pearl River Delta is undergoing exciting changes. Located in Shenzhen, the Shekou Design Museum is scheduled to open to the public in October 2017.

06 2017 | Issue 21 Yi-Hsin Lin

Gay pride: LGBTQ art events in Britain in 2017

The Sexual Offences Act was enacted in July 1967 in Britain. It decriminalised homosexual acts between men who have attained the age of 21 in England and Wales.

04 2017 | Issue 20 Yi-Hsin Lin

Introducing the new design museum in London

As everyone expected, the Design Museum, one of the leading museums in London’s creative industries, was finally relocated and re-opened in late November 2016.

02 2017 | Issue 19 Yi-Hsin Lin

Integrate creativity in everyday life: London Design Festival 2016

I have written about London Craft Week and Clerkenwell Design Week in this magazine some time ago and introduced London’s creative culture. In late September, London Design Festival marked that London...

12 2016 | Issue 18 Yi-Hsin Lin

Goodbye, EU! The cultural and creative industries in Britain after brexit

On 24th June when it was announced that Britain is leaving the EU, it sent political shockwaves around the country. Sterling plunged to its lowest in three decades...

10 2016 | Issue 17 Yi-Hsin Lin