Ho Ka Cheng

Supervisor of Audio-Visual CUT Association. One of the directors of Macau Stories 1, also involved in Macau Stories 2─Love in the City and Macau Stories 3City Maze. Macau Stories 2Love in the City received a special mention at Portugal’s Avanca Film Festival, and was shown at film festivals in Tokyo and Osaka.


Story, internet and film industry

Given the robust development of the movie industry in Mainland China, many international analytics firms predict the box office sales in the mainland will overtake those in the United States this year.

08 2017 | Issue 22 Ho Ka Cheng

New milestone of development of local film culture

The official opening of Cinematheque‧Passion on 31 March, 2017 marks a milestone of the development of film culture in Macao, as the venue will be a major breeding ground for such development.

06 2017 | Issue 21 Ho Ka Cheng

Catalysing film development

In January this year, a Hong Kong-based film crew was arrested by the police for unauthorised filming outside Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau in Macao.

04 2017 | Issue 20 Ho Ka Cheng

Creating a sustainable local film industry

The International Film Festivals & Awards‧Macao (IFFAM) was launched last year. Although festival director Marco Mller  had resigned from his position, the festival still brought several dozens...

02 2017 | Issue 19 Ho Ka Cheng

The potential of Macao films

Recently, Macao filmmakers were thrilled that Crash, a short film by local film director Hong Heng Fai is nominated at Taiwan’s Golden Horse Awards for the Best Live Action Short Film.

12 2016 | Issue 18 Ho Ka Cheng

When a film festival is born in a city

The concept of “city festivals” started to come into existence in Europe as early as the 17th century. It was until the 1970s and 1980s that city, culture and economy had gradually found linkage with one another...

10 2016 | Issue 17 Ho Ka Cheng